the embody

build a strong, happy body you love


build a strong, happy body you love

the embody

Health doesn't come from a place of force. It starts from a foundation of self-compassion, knowing we are caring for our body in the best ways possible. Daily factors like what we eat, how we move and most importantly, how we speak to ourselves, play a critical and connected role to overall wellbeing.

My integrative coaching allows women space to openly explore lifestyle habits and health concerns, while realigning values, beliefs and boundaries to reach higher health goals. 94% of clients experience daily improvements in digestion, sleep quality, partner communication and overall self-trust within 12 weeks of committed membership.

Are you ready to confidently own your health?

feeling stronger in your own skin is possible,
and i'm here to help.

imagine what it would feel like to...

live in complete self-knowing without doubt, guilt or restriction

trust yourself first

Current culture makes it hard to understand food. We are constantly exposed to new products and trending diets, creating confusion about what, when and how much to eat. 

My coaching provides you all the tools needed to rewrite your personal food rules, allowing you to neutralize what is "bad" and enjoy all nourishment, guilt-free. Additionally, you'll learn about nutrition fundamentals including how to read food labels, macro and micronutrients, metabolism and blood sugar, all with clear action items and worksheets for sustainable future progress.



food freedom

How you view your body is often reflected in the ways that you move it. Appreciating your body as a strong, connected unit will lead to different results than forcing the work with lower-frequency thoughts (not good enough, thin enough, fit enough). When body image is securely grounded in strength and appreciation, you will be able to reach fitness goals with greater ease. 

My personal training approach encompasses all elements of well-rounded fitness including, strength, mobility, balance and cardiovascular health. Because when you move better, you feel better. 

secure body image in strength and appreciation

connected fitness


prioritize your needs, daily energy and emotional health

secure boundaries


We are entrenched in a society that under-communicates and over-delivers. Consistently prioritizing others before yourself (even your children) communicates that your needs are not worthy, leading to emotions of depletion, resentment and overwhelm. 

When you implement the practice of boundaries, you bring balance back to your health. You find strength in being exactly who you are, rather than striving to perform according to outside expectations. This radical shift leads to more openness in daily life in the form of clearer priorities, less stress, improved relationships, reduced anger and so much more. 



Access to private Slack community to share weekly prompts, wins and accountability

Experience eye-opening personal growth on a weekly (or daily) basis

My 360-degree approach looks into your bio-individuality, understanding what works best for you will likely not work for someone else. You are built with your own food and self-worth programming based on your individual life experiences, creating a unique, personalized path to wellness. 

You don't just learn from worksheets and expert trainings, you get real-time support from me, and the other women in our community. We work side-by-side to analyze current lifestyle habits in need of a shift, creating achieveable steps of aligned action in order to propel your health forward.

your health is personal and exclusive to you



Receive customized protocols for specific health concerns including weight management, body confidence, stress reduction, menstrual health, sleep quality and more 

Science-backed nutritional trainings providing comprehensive education about ingredients, sensitivities and the value of food quality

Unlearn damaging food programming that leads to restriction, food guilt or diminished body confidence

Connect with your own vision of consistency in fitness, bringing forth strength, mobility and increased daily energy

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You love the live you have, and still feel the pull for more joy and excitement

You want to create more self-confidence in your body, but don't know where to start

You desire mental and emotional stability, eliminating thought patterns of shame or self-doubt

You're ready for more direction building + maintaining habits that truly support your future health

You are eager to experience life with less guilt, burn out, resentment or overwhelm

You crave to have more time to yourself, but feel like you don't deserve (or aren't allowed) to have it

You feel confused with what to eat, and want to learn how to make balanced meals without counting/weighing

You know health is important yet struggle to keep it a priority

this is for you if...

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your coach, anna

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, and a Whole Kids Foundation community ambassador. I also have two toddlers who lovingly push my boundaries of patience and mental capacity daily.

My experiences with anxiety, crippling food sensitivities and postpartum depression led me to forge my own path to healing in 2019. Through personalized coaching, my practice guides women how to build functional strength, and reconnect with foods that nourish and harness resilient self-knowing in a highly engaged community. 

I can’t wait to empower and support radical transformation within you!


what they're saying

- marina l., houston

"sessions with Anna felt like a therapy session that made me feel empowered and ready to take charge of my life. No judgment, and constant support to make good choices and become a healthier, more well-rounded person."

- kelly p., houston

"the accountability from this community is critical and contributes to my success. I now have increased awareness of the need to set aside time for myself."