It’s officially time to close up shop for the season! Before I go, I wanted to send a few quick tips to support your health through the festive days ahead. 

Whether your holiday plans have you traveling or staying close to home, it’s not uncommon for changes in routine to create a big impact on your belly. Even something small, like eating cinnamon rolls versus eggs for breakfast, can have your stomach saying “woah, what’s happening?” This can trigger unwanted digestive issues including heartburn, acid reflux, gas and bloating—none of which we want during the holidays (or ever, really).

Here are six tips to eliminate bloating that can be implemented anytime, anywhere:

1. Cut off fluids 30 minutes before eating. 
This includes water, wine, coffee, etc. Limiting the amounts of liquid going in protects the quality of your stomach’s hydrochloric acid (HCL), or the digestive enzymes that breakdown your food. The more potent the acid, the better digestion will be.

2. Eat vegetables first, taking full advantage of maximized HCL
Different vegetables have varying amounts of fiber, and some are harder for the body to digest than others. Eating veggies first gives your body a better chance to break down these fibers, as your HCL will be at its most potent, powerful level.

3. Create a balanced plate with protein, carbs and fat
I get it—the holidays are full of things we don’t normally eat! While I encourage you to try every single dish, don’t overlook your proteins and healthy fats. Consuming balanced macronutrients will help maintain stable blood sugar, meaning stable energy, clear thinking and an optimistic mood. Aim for 40% carbs (veggies/fruits), 30% protein (4-5oz. per plate or ~40g per meal), and quality healthy fats at every meal or snack. 

This is something overlooked and so underrated. There is no secret number to how many times you need to chew, but the smaller the bites are before you swallow, the less work your body has to do during digestion. Easier food breakdown = lower inflammatory response = less digestive upset.  

5. Find your version of 80% fullness
This is the sweet spot where you feel both satisfied and energized, and you are content leaving the table. Where you could equally get up and go for a short walk, or have a few bites of dessert without it putting you over the edge. Remember that your body is totally and completely unique—what 80% looks like for you will not be the same for anyone else. 

6. Step out for quick movement after you eat
Aim for 5-10 minutes of something truly enjoyable: a quick walk with your sister, silly dancing with your kids, playing with the dog outside. The goal is to find gentle movement that boosts your circulation, optimizing digestion and nutrient absorption.

If you’d like to hear these tips described in a bit more detail, you can catch the full mini-training on my Instagram, here. As this year comes to a close, I sincerely thank each and every one of you for joining this community. The space you’ve allowed for me to coach is something I am forever grateful for—and I look forward to bringing you so much more value in year ahead. The 450+ results I’ve witnessed this year alone are nothing short of inspiring, and I can’t wait to see your journey of strength continue to expand in 2023!

Sending you health and happiness,


6 tips to eliminate holiday bloating


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